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Recruit Yourself Referral Program

Is your existing assignment ending? Are you just ready for a challenging new one? Through the Recruit Yourself Referral Program, ROI Staffing will reward you for identifying your next IT consulting assignment, either within your existing client company or with any future client companies.

  • Cash reward up to $1,000 and is payable in a lump sum after 320 billable hours have been accrued within a eight week period at the new client company.
  • Cash reward not paid for the extension of current assignment.
  • You cannot leave your current assignment before the contract is completed for the new one unless you receive approval from ROI Staffing and the client manager.
  • Cash rewards are subject to federal and state tax withholdings.
  • All ROI Staffing IT consultants and independent contractors are eligible. Subcontractors and ROI Staffing corporate employees are not eligible.
  • Recruit Yourself reward cannot be combined with any other referral reward program.

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