IT Consultants

Candidate FAQs

Q) What types of companies/industries does ROI represent?

A) Our clients range from industry leading small, entrepreneurial organizations to Fortune 100 companies operating in a myriad of industries. And while the products and services they provide may vary, they share a common need; each is looking for top-tier IT professionals like you to help build their organization.

Q) Are there any fees associated with your services to the job seeker?

A) There is no cost to the job seeker for using ROI’s services.

Q) Is the information I send you confidential?

A) ROI is sensitive to your confidentiality wishes. We never use your information for any reason without your consent. We are also committed to keeping your search confidential.

Q) Will I have the option to choose whether I’m presented for full-time, contract, or contract-to-perm openings?

A) The type of employment arrangement is dictated by the client. However, you’ll never be presented for an opening before we’ve discussed the opportunity. This gives you the flexibility to choose which type of employment best fits your current lifestyle and career goals.

Q) Is there a standard contract length for contract or contract-to-perm employees?

A) The length of the contract is determined by the client’s needs and varies by company. However, you’ll always be provided with specific information on each assignment up front and have the option to accept or decline the invitation to interview.

Q) What happens to my resume once it is received by ROI Staffing?

A) Your resume is routed to a recruiter who will contact you to verify your information. It is then added to our database for current and future needs.

When your skills match a job we are looking to fill, an ROI recruiter will contact you by your contact preference.

Q) What is a confirmation letter from ROI?

A) It is an electronic agreement between ROI and a candidate that shows permission given to ROI to represent a candidate at an agreed upon salary for a specified position to a specific client that we have discussed with you beforehand.

Q) Is the ROI Confirmation Letter an offer of employment?

A) No. The confirmation letter serves a sole purpose of clarifying communication between ROI and a candidate. This letter should not be taken into consideration as an offer of employment.

Q) Does ROI provide resume writing or interview preparation assistance?

A) We will provide coaching to prepare you for your interviews and help you to revise or update your resume. We do not rewrite resumes for our candidates as we feel that it could cause misrepresentation of your skills, but we offer tips and suggestions to help ensure your success.

Q) What benefits does ROI offer?

A) We have a multitude of benefit packages. To discuss in more detail, please contact your recruiter for more details.

Q) Does ROI pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly?

A) Our W2 consultants are paid bi-weekly for salary and expenses.

Q) Are most of the jobs you place entry-level, mid- or senior-level?

A) We work with all sizes of companies looking for all levels of employees. No matter where you are in your career, we can find the right position for you.